Laser Eye Surgery Risks - Guide for Consumers

Laser Eye Surgery Risks and Warnings

Laser Eye Surgery Risks

Laser eye surgery techniques such as LASIK, LASEK and PRK are promoted by  medical device manufacturers as safe methods for reducing a person's dependency on glasses or contact lenses.  These procedures have high rates of complications and risk that cannot be treated with today's technology.  Learn how the industry has concealed the true risks and dangers of these vision correction procedures from consumers, through slick marketing tricks, deceptive advertising, and lawsuits against patients who speak out.

Laser Eye Surgery Websites for Consumers

Bausch & Lomb Sucks |
Defective medical devices, recalls, lawsuits, and patient complaints. 
Refractive Surgical Mistakes
FDA approved devices.
LASIK Disaster |
Deceptive marketing practices, criticism of kickbacks to optometrists, and shortcomings of the FDA.  Includes the personal story of Sandy Keller's experience.
Consumer fraud at TLC Vision Corporation.  Criminal complaints, malpractice lawsuits, false advertising, and the bogus "Lifetime Commitment" guarantee.  Includes information on class action lawsuits.
LASIK Infocenter |
Descriptions of surgical techniques, deceptive marketing practices, how to reduce your risks if you do elect to undergo surgery, and medical malpractice lawsuits. 
LASIK Memorial |
True stories of disastrous outcomes.
Technical analysis of lasers debunks the marketing claims that these devices use a "cool beam".  Links to web sites that are critical of Dr. Thomas Tooma, Dr. Robert Maloney, and Dr. Michael Gordon.
Vision Correction
LASIK Reality |
Richard Miller's personal experience.
LASIK Sucks 4 U |
The personal experience of Dominic Morgan who is legally blind after undergoing LASIK with Dr. Nevyas-Wallace.  The attorneys for Dr. Nevyas-Wallace have sued Dominic for putting up this web site, and have stated that they intend to confiscate the social security disability checks that Dominic receives. 
TLC Vision Lasik Flap |
Resources for patients who have had disastrous surgical outcomes.  Includes a bulletin board where patients can post their complaints.
Vision Simulations |
Simulates blurry and double vision, ghosting, halos, starbursts, and glare caused by eye injury, disease, or LASIK.  The web site operator provides support for plaintiffs in medical malpractice lawsuits.
Wake Up to LASIK |
An optometrist details the dark side of the LASIK industry.

An Eye for an Eye by Professor James O'Reilly

"My interest in LASIK arose at a Christmas party.  I have published 28 textbooks and 135 articles, and the Supreme Court called me the "expert" on FDA approval of medical device products.  So when I sat next to an eye surgeon I asked him if he does a lot of LASIKs, and he replied "No, I don't think these are safe but it will be years before we see the effects and know for sure."  That was a chilling comment, so I looked back at what FDA had required and was startled that so little experience base is needed before approval.  That led me to the American Academy of Ophthalmology statistics person and to the insurance folks, and as I went forward with this little line of curiosity I came to recognize that there will be literally thousands whose injury will have no recourse -- and that they are the future victims of the inactivity today."

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